Occupational Health & Safety Policy

Halikos is committed to workplace health and safety and to providing a Safety Management System (SMS) above that of Australian Standard 4801. Halikos promotes safe working practices and encourages the adoption of safe work habits. Halikos is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for its employees, subcontractors and stakeholders who are impacted and influenced by our work activities.

The SMS will be integrated into all facets of our business and will provide guidance to facilitate participation of all stakeholders to achieve determined OHS goals and targets designed to provide a healthy and safe workplace. We are committed to our two way consultative relationship with our employees and will continue to maintain and promote the safety culture that underpins the Halikos SMS.

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Environmental Policy

The Halikos Group is committed to providing an Environmental Management System (EMS) above the requirements of Australian Standards and to the prevention of industrial pollution. The management of the environment shall be in accordance with the requirements of AS14001 and other applicable legislative obligation. The management of Halikos Pty Ltd will ensure:

  • The identification of our legislative and regulatory obligations
  • The creation of systems and processes which control our environmental obligations
  • The setting and review of environmental objectives and targets at relevant functions and levels
  • We continually improve our environmental performance
  • Develop clear training and communication strategies

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Quality Assurance Policy

It is our intent to secure and drive the reputation of our business by constantly meeting or exceeding our clients' expectations in terms of service delivery and workmanship. We will demonstrate an ongoing and determined commitment to deliver work that is both 'right first time' and of a quality that is expected from a business of our stature. All our works will be delivered so as to ensure sustainable profitable growth, with minimal risk to our people and the environment. 

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